Andrés Laprida









“Euroland 2001”, a RAI Television production, Rome, 2001

Soundtrack collaboration for the TV series “Highlander, The Raven”. New York, 2000.

The film “A Fullfilled Dream” ("Un sueño realizado"), produced & directed by Carlos Mai.
... Buenos Aires, Argentina 1994.

Video Message “Light Up a Life” (Ilumina una vida), produced by the Mount Sinai Hospital.
....New York City, 1990.

Documentary “In The Absence Of Peace”, a Martin-Sheppard Production. New York, 1991.

Video-Message “One Time”, directed by Diana Avellaneda. Buenos Aires, Argentina 1995.

The film “Minas de Ouro Preto”, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1990.













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