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I'l tell you how I came through graphic computers.Briefly.. I read  an article of a magazine called "Conocer nuestro tiempo"on "Art and computers" when I was fourteen years old(1974)It said they were making the first experiments in USA on digitalizing an image.It was a Mondrian painting . It looked as a serie of  black big squared pixels,unrecognizable but I was very happy that day!!. As I loved painting and drawing and also music since I was a child I Kept that paper hoping one day I would be able to make my dream come true: animated paintings mixed with music.But for many years I asked in IBM and Hewllet Packard Central Offices in Buenos Aires , Argentina about painting computers and they thought I was crazy. In the '80s some multimedia computers arrived in Buenos Aires for TV
( Amiga and Macintosh) I had waited so long for that moment that I learnt by myself how to make some animated cartoons and immediately they offered me to work for video and TV.That was 1989. That's why I'm familiar to all digital painting and multimedia computers. I worked along these thirteen years on different platforms: Amiga,Macintosh,Silicon Graphics and PC.
Nowadays I'm working in web design , Cd productions ,teaching and also going on with my digital art projects on my own.
Passion, perseverance and a new way of art distribution and exhibition  led me to do so.